FatCat Bakery has a passion: to create the highest quality all natural bakery items Ready-To-Bake Fresh. Explore our mouth-watering products to charm your senses today.


Scones + Dough

Not all scones are created equal! FatCat Scones are English-style scones; sweet tender biscuits that are moist and delicious... the way a scone SHOULD be.  

Cookies + Dough

FatCat Cookies are all natural with a soft, tender home-made taste. Exceptional flavors and remarkable quality, FatCat Cookies will entice your pallet.

Muffin Batter

FatCat's School Approved Whole Grain Muffin Batters deliver a "from scratch" taste and moist texture AND they meet the strict regulations for school foodservice- whole grain, reduced fat/sugar/sodium. Easy and delicious!

Whole Grain Bars

FatCat's School-Approved Whole Grain Bars are distinctive and delectable. Full of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, they also meet school foodservice requirements with a taste that kids love.