Looking for a cost effective and labor efficient bakery item that doesn't sacrifice quality?  FatCat Bakery offers gourmet solutions for any foodservice application.


In-Store Bakeries

Scones and Cookies are an ideal grab and go snack for grocery clientele. FatCat's premium frozen dough is high quality, easy to bake and delivers great margins.  Sold individually or in assortments, FatCat's products are moist, tender and delicious with an extended shelf life.

Hotels and B&Bs

FatCat Scones and Cookies add the extra touch of hospitality that your guests will remember, whether served at a catered event, as a menu option in the hotel restaurant or buffet, a lobby snack or with room service.

Contract Foodservice & Catering

Whether served at a company picnic, luncheon or formal dinner occasion, FatCat Scones and Cookies help convey the message of premium quality.


Airlines and Cruise Lines stand out for their service. Give your brand a competitive advantage with the highest quality pastries with an extended shelf life that your passengers will remember and want again.

Healthcare Facilities

Comfort food like Scones and Cookies will help soothe patients, visitors and staff, adding cheer in what can be a stressful environment.


Students and faculty alike will choose FatCat Scones and Cookies wherever available including dining halls, cafes, student unions, etc.

Quick Service Chains

Whatever the foodservice application, FatCat pastries will compliment any menu offering, delivering quality and brand consistently, location to location.