Our most important job in school foodservice is to create delicious healthy food that fills kid's tummies. We take simple, pure ingredients that you would find in your home kitchen, and create delightful bakery items that meet the USDA school nutritional standards. 

~ FatCat Bakery is a Nut Free Facility ~


FatCat Bakery knows what schools needs and kids will love!

For Elementary, Secondary and High School breakfast, lunch and supper meal plans, as well as a-la-carte snack sales, FatCat Bakery products are labor efficient and cost effective. All Natural baked goods lovingly created in our Nut Free facility (tree nut and peanut free) with no Trans-Fat, MSG, or other additives.

  • Nut Free Facility

  • No Trans Fats

  • No MSG or other Additives

  • No more than 30% calories from Fat

  • No more than 10% calories from Saturated Fat

  • No more than 30% sugar by weight

  • Whole Grain, Reduced Sodium

  • Meet the Smart Snack Requirements

  • Meet 1 or 2 Bread

Scones + Dough

Increase your breakfast program's daily participation with All Natural Scone Dough: Pre-Portioned "pucks" with glaze on the side- easy and labor efficient; Meet 1 or 2 Grain/Breads; ideal for catering; Moist, tender and delicious like no other scone.

Cookies + Dough

One of life's little joys… ask any child.  Whole Grain FatCat Cookies are available as raw dough "pucks" that you bake fresh, or baked and individually wrapped; available in 1GB size or 1.75 a-la-carte size- ideal for snack sales; A decidedly soft and tender homemade taste and texture.

Muffin Batters + Pan Breads

More and more districts are turning to fresh baking at their school sites. FatCat Muffin Batter offers a clear alternative to pre-packaged muffins, available in 2- 9 lb pails per case, ready to bake fresh.  Whether baking muffins or cutting in squares to serve as a pan bread, these moist and tender breads will make your day.

Bars + Brownies

Delicious whole grain bars ideal for breakfast in the classroom or for a-la-carte snack sales.