FatCat Bakery frozen pastries rise to the height of artistic excellence one pastry at a time. These convenient masterpieces will entice your pallet with uncompromising purity in aroma, taste and texture.

Temperature Control

FatCat Bakery Artisan Frozen Dough leaves the plant in prime condition. To insure product integrity is maintained, each and every case that we ship is transported via frozen freight, 0 degrees or below.

Frozen Shelf Life

The Scone dough, Cookie dough and Muffin batter have a shelf life of up to One Year from the date of manufacture when properly stored 0° to -10° F (-23° C). The Thaw & Serve Cookies and Bars have a shelf life of 12 months when properly stored 0° to -10° F (-23° C). Shelf life varies when storage temperature fluctuations exist.

Refrigerated Shelf Life

The Scoop/Bake Muffin Batter can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 7 days. The Scoop/Bake Cookie dough has a refrigerated shelf life one month. Shelf life varies when storage temperature fluctuations exist.

Baked Shelf Life

Once baked, FatCat Scones have up to a 5 day shelf life, depending on the size and if covered.  FatCat Cookies stay soft and tender for up to 10 days, covered.  School baked and wrapped items have a shelf life of 12 months when stored frozen- up to 3 days at ambient temperature.

Allergen Information

FatCat Bakery is a NUT-FREE FACILITY – no Peanuts or Treenuts are processed, inventoried or handled in any way. Though we are not organic certified, we use only All Natural ingredients, many of which are organic. None of our products contain Trans Fat, MSG, Preservatives or Dough Stabilizers. Though we employ all reasonable means and best practices to eliminate any allergen cross contact, our products do contain wheat, dairy and eggs.

Food Safety

Our food safety guidelines and procedures will make you confident that your customers and your business are protected. We show a level of care that is hard to match, meeting all local, state and federal/ USDA food safety guidelines. All of our ingredients are carefully selected, inventoried and stored to ensure optimum safety and quality. Our facility maintains high standards of cleanliness, including up-to-date HACCP procedures.  We are also focused Sustainability in products and our manufacturing facility.  In our effort to ensure your success, we prepare against the unforeseen; another benefit to give you that extra peace of mind